3M Scotchcast Quick Step Double Sided Felt Roll Splint


3M Scotchcast Quick Step Double Sided Felt Roll Splint

High-Integrity Alginate Dressing, 4


3M SILVERCEL Non-Adherent Antimicrobial Alginate Dressing

3M Scotchcast Quick Step

Scotchcast Quick Step by 3M, Breathable felt on both sides helps eliminate the risk of wrong-side application.

- Water-repellant technology sheds water off the splint, helping keep the patient's skin dry and reduces the risk of skin maceration
- Conforms easily - the 7-layer fiberglass interior offers conformability around the bends and curves of the human body
- Easy-open seams on both sides of the splint - the felt can be easily opened on either side of the splint for quick access to the fiberglass layers and trouble-free trimming
- Splinting roll delivery system - easy-to-use, easy-to-reseal packaging helps prevent exposure to moisture, which causes product hardening, and as a result, waste

Suggested applications:
- For use in the construction of common orthopedic splints
- Ideal for high volume users such as emergency departments







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3M-75312Scotchcast Quick Step, 3" x 12"10/CS5-10 Days
3M-75335Scotchcast Quick Step, 3" x 35"10/CS5-10 Days
3M-75430Scotchcast Quick Step, 4" x 30"10/CS5-10 Days
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