Sterile Disposable Scalpels


Sterile Disposable Scalpels

Miltex Premium Sterile Disposable Scalpels

  • Preassembled scalpels have stainless steel surgical blades mounted on plastic handles with fluted finger-grips.
  • Scalpel blade safely protected by pull-off protector shield.
  • Individually sealed in peel-apart, see-through package.
  • Box of 10.
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    10/BX ,

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    Disposable Scalpels,

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    ImageSKUProduct NamePackagingAvailabilityPriceAdd To cart
    MIL-4-410Disposable Scalpel #1010/BX In Stock
    MIL-4-411Disposable Scalpel #1110/BX In Stock
    MIL-4-412Disposable Scalpel #1210/BX 3-5 Days
    MIL-4-415Disposable Scalpel #1510/BX 3-5 Days
    MIL-4-420Disposable Scalpel #2010/BX 3-5 Days
    MIL-4-421Disposable Scalpel #2110/BX 3-5 Days
    MIL-4-422Disposable Scalpel #2210/BX 3-5 Days
    MIL-4-423Disposable Scalpel #2310/BX 3-5 Days
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