SureSight™ Vision Screener


Test for the primary vision disorder in children, refractive error, with this child-friendly unit that engages youngsters, puts them at ease, and requires minimal cooperation. Screen with one-button touch from 14" away. Five-second, automatic test addresses compliance problems and makes testing easier. Minimal cooperation is required, making it ideal for use with young children. The lights and sounds engage the child's attention. Automatically measures and indicates abnormal readings. Addresses eye charts' sensitivity and specificity problems. Automatically screens for common vision problems, including near- and farsightedness, astigmatism, and anisometrophia. Hand-held unit operates for three hours of continuous testing. Available battery-operated printer enables you to get print-outs anywhere, anytime. Weighs two lbs. and features an ergonomic grip and replaceable, self-adjusting hand strap. Features optics and electronics shock-mounted inside housing to protect unit. The sealed unit helps keep out dirt. Screens babies, children, and adults. You can even test patients while they're wearing glasses or contact lenses.

  • Five-second, automatic test makes patient compliance easier
  • Lights and sounds engage child’s attention
  • Measures and indicates abnormal readings automatically—no provider interpretation required
  • Operates at a nonthreatening 14 inches (35 cm) distance
  • Minimal cooperation is necessary, making it equally effective for children, disabled patients and those with a language barrier
  • Screens for common vision problems, including near- and farsightedness (myopia/hyperopia), astigmatism (asymmetrical focus) and anisometropia (unequal power between eyes)

  • 14000 SureSight™ Vision Screener Set, Includes 110-130V Charging Transformer & Stand

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