Tweezerman Rose Gold Mini Slant Tweezer And 10X Mirror

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This giftable set features our famous, precision Mini Slant Tweezers in a stylish Rose Gold finish paired with our top selling 10x Magnifying Mirror in a decorative matching hue.

Features & Benefits

  • A must-have set featuring our famous Mini Slant Tweezer and clear from edge to edge 10X Magnifying Mirror - the perfect duo for identifying and isolating even the finest hairs for precise tweezing
  • Magnifying mirror is optically correct and distortion-free
  • Suction cups attach to vanity mirror or other clean, smooth surface for convenient, hands-free use
  • Famous perfectly aligned, hand-filed precision tips for expert brow shaping
  • Outfitted in the must-have metallic of the moment, Rose Gold is only getting more love as the ultimate symbol of pure romance

Tool Tips

  • Attach 10x mirror to vanity mirror or any clean, smooth surface by gently pushing the suction cups on back so they compress and adhere firmly.
  • For better holding power, first moisten cups slightly.
  • To remove, gently lift edge of each cup to release suction.
  • Tweeze in the direction of hair growth to avoid breakage.
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