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BodySport Therapeutic Massager, Variable Speed

Handmaster Plus Physical Therapy Hand Exerciser Set - 3 Balls, 6 Cords


Handmaster Plus provides complete finger, thumb, hand, wrist, carpal tunnel & elbow exercises, grip strength, and posy-treatment rehabilitation recovery.

Handmaster Plus is changing hand exercise around the world to ensure easy, full range of motion training & recovery. It is used in therapy, sports, music, workplaces, hobby, gaming, and smartphones where repetitive grip RSI’s are common due to overuse and muscle imbalance. Professional trainers and ergonomists use Handmaster Plus to maximize performance and prevent imbalance injuries for their grip-related athletes, musicians, workers, computer users, video gamers & hobbyists.

Complete hand exercise is a vast & overlooked health component, leading to stable fingers, thumbs, hands, wrists, carpal tunnels & elbows, as well as improved peripheral circulation and better whole-body lymph drainage at the thoracic ducts. Handmaster Plus brings proper hand exercise to everyone worldwide.


Hand Therapy,




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DCZ-1480Handmaster Plus Hand Exerciser Set - 3 Balls, 6 Cords1/Set3-5 Days
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