Ceftriaxone Injection USP (Rocephin)


Ceftriaxone Injection USP (Rocephin)

Heparin Sodium Injection 5,000 USP/mL 0.5 mL


Physician's authorization is required to purchase this item. Physician's authorization is required to purchase this item.

Heparin is a heterogeneous group of straight-chain anionic mucopolysaccharides, called glycosaminoglycans, having anticoagulant properties. Although others may be present, the main sugars occurring in heparin are: (1) a-L-iduronic acid 2-sulfate, (2) 2-deoxy-2-sulfa-mino-a-D-glucose 6-sulfate, (3) ß-D-glucuronic acid, (4) 2-acetamido-2-deoxy-a-D-glucose and (5) a-L-iduronic acid. These sugars are present in decreasing amounts, usually in the order (2)> (1)> (4)> (3)> (5), and are joined by glycosidic linkages, forming polymers of varying sizes. Heparin is strongly acidic because of its content of covalently linked sulfate and carboxylic acid groups. In heparin sodium, the acidic protons of the sulfate units are partially replaced by sodium ions.
Heparin Sodium Injection, USP is a sterile solution of heparin sodium derived from por-cine intestinal mucosa, standardized for antico-agulant activity, in water for injection. It is to be administered by intravenous or deep subcuta-neous routes. The potency is determined by a biological assay using a USP reference standard based on units of heparin activity per milligram
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