Adrenalin Injection SDV 1mg/mL 1mL


Adrenalin Injection SDV 1mg/mL 1mL

Bicillin CR


Bicillin CR

Aplisol Tuberculin PPD Inj Tests


Physician's authorization is required to purchase this item. Physician's authorization is required to purchase this item.

  • Tuberculin PPD is indicated as an aid in the detection of infection with Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
  • The standard tuberculin test employs the intradermal (Mantoux) test using a five TU dose of tuberculin PPD.
  • The 0.1 mL test dose of Aplisol® (tuberculin PPD, diluted) is equivalent to the five TU dose which has been clinically utilized and standardized with PPD-S.
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    42023-0104-01Aplisol Tuberculin PPD Inj 10 Tests SO 1mL1/VLIn Stock
    42023-0104-05Aplisol Tuberculin PPD Inj 50 Tests SO 5mL1/VL1-3 Days
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