Canine Spay Pack


Canine Spay Pack

Medicut Surgical Blades Sterile Stainless Steel

  • For guaranteed sharpness and exacting performance
  • Sterile…individually foil packaged
  • Sheffield stainless steel blade
  • Finely honed cutting edge
  • Gamma Sterilized
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    Product Type

    Disposable Blades,

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    ImageSKUProduct NameSize NumericalPackagingAvailabilityPriceAdd To cart
    DYN-4130Blade SS Surgical Disp #10, Sterile#10100/BXIn Stock
    DYN-4131Blade SS Surgical Disp #11, Sterile#11100/BXIn Stock
    DYN-4132Blade SS Surigcal Disp #12, Sterile#12100/BX3-5 Days
    DYN-4135Blade SS Surgical Disp #15, Sterile#15100/BXIn Stock
    DYN-4140Blade SS Surgical Disp #20, Sterile#20100/BXIn Stock
    DYN-4141Blade SS Surgical Disp #21, Sterile#21100/BX3-5 Days
    DYN-4142Blade SS Surgical Disp #22, Sterile#22100/BX3-5 Days
    DYN-4143Blade SS Surgical Disp #23, Sterile#23100/BX3-5 Days
    DYN-4144Blade SS Surgical Disp #24, Sterile#25100/BX3-5 Days
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