IV Cannulas

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Syringe, 10mL, Blunt Plastic Cannula, For Interlink® System

BD™ Syringes With Interlink® Cannula

Starting at: $48.95

Four-Way Stopcock, 2 Female Luer Lock Ports & Male Luer Slip Adapter, Port Covers, Lipid Resistant, DEHP, Latex Free (LF)

Standard Stopcocks

Starting at: $1.95

Blunt Plastic Cannula For Baxter Interlink®, Abbott LifeShield® or B.Braum SafeLine® Systems

BD™ Interlink® Blunt Plastic Cannula

Starting at: $41.95

Angled Tip Cannula, 10FR x 3.3mm O.D., 3/4" Length of Tip Beyond Ring, ¼" Proximal Lumen

Argyle™ Aortic Perfusion Cannula, Angled Tip

Starting at: $53.95

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