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OB/GYN Instruments - Biopsy Punch

OB/GYN Instruments - Biopsy Punch

Starting at: $380.95

Sterile Disposable Biopsy Punch, 2 Mm Diameter, With Plunger

Miltex Biopsy Punch with Plunger System

Starting at: $86.95

Silicone Coated Surgical Blades, 10, Sterile

Miltex Silicone Coated Surgical Blades

Starting at: $69.95

Schamberg Comedone Extractor, 3-3/4" (9.5 cm), Standard Pattern With Extra Fine Loops, Small Loop Crimped

Miltex Schamberg Comedone Extractor

Starting at: $32.95

Adson Bayonet Dressing Forceps, 8-1/4" (21 cm), Serrated

Miltex Adson Bayonet Dressing Forceps

Starting at: $65.95

Joseph Double Prong Hook, Sharp 6-1/4” (15.9 cm) 2 mm

Miltex Joseph Double Prong Hook

Starting at: $93.95

Nail Nipper, Double Spring Concave 5” (12.7 cm)

Integra Miltex Nail Nippers Premium Grade

Starting at: $99.95

Nail Scissors Curved 3-1/2” (8.9 cm)

Integra Miltex Chrome Nail Scissors

Starting at: $36.95

Miltex Dermal Curette, 6-1/4" (15.9 cm), Oval Spoon Size 3 (6 mm Diameter)

Miltex Dermal Curette, 6-1/4" (15.9 cm), Oval Spoon

Starting at: $86.95

Cryosolutions Complete Set, Includes Unit With Standard 1mm Wide Tip, One Cartridge (23.5 G N2O), Metal Pin, User Manual And Plastic Case

Miltex CryoSolutions

Starting at: $19.95


VANTAGE Extracting Forceps

Starting at: $47.95

Disposable Ear Curette, Ring Tip, Pink

Miltex Disposable Ear Curettes

Starting at: $56.95

Operating Scissor Sharp/Sharp, Straight 4-1/2” (11.4 Cm)

Miltex Standard Pattern Operating Scissors

Starting at: $43.95

Items 1 to 16 of 41 total
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