The care and precision used in the manufacture of our explorer tips and our periodontal probe tips are offered in a variety of patterns and combinations in a double ended instrument. The result is a variety of diagnostic instruments that feature accuracy, tactile comfort, and convenience. Our color coding process employs an electro-etching technique that yields markings that are easily discernable and long lasting.



J & J Instruments,

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JJI-16-521Expro #23/CP12 - Color Coded1/EA3-5 Days
JJI-16-525Expro #23/OW 1/EA3-5 Days
JJI-16-534Expro #17/Michigan O1/EA3-5 Days
JJI-16-560Expro #2/WHO - Color Coded1/EA3-5 Days
JJI-16-519Expro #23/WHO - Color Coded1/EA3-5 Days
JJI-16-522Expro #23/ Williams - Color Coded1/EA3-5 Days
JJI-16-526Expro #23/GF 1/EA3-5 Days
JJI-16-535Expro #17/OW 1/EA3-5 Days
JJI-16-523Expro #23/Williams1/EA3-5 Days
JJI-16-520Expro #23/CP11 - Color Coded1/EA3-5 Days
JJI-16-524Expro #23/Michigan O 1/EA3-5 Days
JJI-16-533Expro #17/Williams 1/EA3-5 Days
JJI-16-536Expro #17/GF 1/EA3-5 Days
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