Thermoskin Heel-Rite™
Thermoskin Heel-Rite™ Thermoskin Heel-Rite™ Thermoskin Heel-Rite™

Thermoskin Heel-Rite™

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Provides effective daytime treatment for Plantar Fasciitis. Plantar Fasciitis is painful enough; the treatment shouldn't cause additional irritation. The patented Heel-Rite is patient friendly due to its' ease of use, comfort and low profile design.

The Heel-Rite fits comfortably in your shoe to provide daytime treatment and pain relief during your normal routine. The support straps replace the need for taping by lifting the arch and providing compression to the plantar fascia for immediate relief. The Heel-Rite applies effective support to relieve tension and pain on the plantar fascia during the day when the sufferer needs it most.

Application: Place foot into support with heel into the hole. Fasten the foot strap. It is important that the strap that supports the heel is positioned just in front of the heel. Then fasten the ankle strap. Loop strap through metal clips on each side. Pull the ends of the straps upwards and towards the back, pull them snug until you feel pressure on the underside of the foot where the heel meets the arch. Holding the straps tight, crisscross them around the back of the heel and attach them around the sides and front to the Velcro.

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