Elasto-Gel Hot/Cold All Purpose Pack
Elasto-Gel Hot/Cold All Purpose Pack Elasto-Gel Hot/Cold All Purpose Pack Hot/ Cold Pack, 3" x 3" Hot/ Cold Pack

Elasto-Gel Hot/Cold All Purpose Pack

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Elastogel Hot/Cold All Purpose Packs are used to offer hot or cold therapy to any area where a flat, sheet form will suffice. The tough, flexible gel will not leak if punctured and the 4-way stretch material will help assure product durability and effective therapy management.

Elasto-Gel Therapy Products are designed to provide moist heat therapy or soothing cold therapy for relief of minor muscular and joint aches and pains. The hot or cold therapy will last 20 to 40 minutes per application. The product is held in place with hook and loop type closures, which allow the user to move about during therapy. The product is microwavable so it can provide nearly continuous heat therapy. When used cold, the product conforms to contours, even at -20°F (-30°C), allowing comfortable soothing cold applications.

These products remain flexible even at temperatures of -20 F. The product can be stored in the freezer to always have a flexible cold pack and yet be put directly into the microwave and heated to have a flexible instant hot pack (within 5 to 10 minutes). Many end users have reported these products have durability of more than 10 years with hundreds of uses per year. No drying out, no rejuvenation required (no soaking in water). The outside cover has a hole at the top of the product for easy removal of the cover for washing.

This product is made with Elasto-Gel, a patented gel with exceptional properties for transferring heat or soothing cold. If punctured, it will not leak and will remain usable. The unique combination of specially selected fabric and tough flexible gel provides an exceptional durable product for use in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, athletic facilities and the home.

  • Can be used hot or cold and provides moist heat and soothing cold
  • Stays hot or cold for 20-40 minutes
  • Removable covers are made of a 4-way stretch material for maximum conformity (3"x3" does not have a cover)
  • Remains flexible and soft at temperatures as low as 20 degrees
  • Does not leak even if punctures
  • Used in medical clinics worldwide to treat muscle and joint pain

  • *CAUTION: DO NOT OVERHEAT!! Due to the nature of the gel, it may only feel warm to the touch, but if the wrap has been overheated, too much heat may be transferred to the body and can cause burns.
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